Heritage Elementary STEM And Teacher Appreciation Assemblies

Recognizing Greatness Through STEM

Ballinger Family Dentistry loves helping out in the community, especially with educational programs. Thus, when the opportunity came along to recognize two wonderful teachers and give the students at a local school a bit of educational fun Dr. Laura Ballinger simply couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning giving back.

Dr. Laura connected with Mad Science to organize two back-to-back fun-filled STEM assemblies (one at 9am and one at 10am) for two separate groups of students at Heritage Elementary School in Edmond, OK where her children attend. The STEM assemblies were both conducted by Derick Brock deemed “Professor Mad” on November 18th, 2016. Due to an unfortunate event, Dr. Laura had to send her daughter to represent her, but the show went on!

The theme of the STEM assemblies focused on “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” principles, but with thrilling science experiments and verbiage that the children could easily grasp. The underlying message of these assemblies was “Up, Up, and Away” as each experiment sought to teach children to dream so big that they could metaphorically go up, up, and away.

As intended by the Mad Science company, the students were also encouraged to find science interesting, see it as adventurous, and even be intrigued enough to want to pursue STEM related careers when they grow up.

Professor Mad made each show very special by continuing to call upon random volunteer students from each grade level to the stage to help with various experiments. The twist came at the end of each show when an unsuspecting teacher was called upon the stage to help with the final experiment.

In the first assembly, Mendy Shepard (4th grade teacher) was called to help. She had no idea that in the end she would be awarded with a $50 gift card to Amazon and a Certificate Of Appreciation for all of her hard work which was presented by Dr. Laura’s daughter on behalf of Ballinger Family Dentistry. In the second assembly, the same course of action took place also shocking the next recognized teacher, Linda Skinner (Gifted & Talented teacher) as she was also presented with her $50 gift card to Amazon and a Certificate Of Appreciation.

To give everyone the opportunity to practice their very own science experiments, as a final parting gift, Lauren Ballinger gave the school a big book of science experiments to keep in the school library!

In the end, Dr. Laura was thrilled to hear that the children had so much fun and that she was also able to help in the planning of giving back to two very deserving teachers.