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Laughing Gas For A Relaxing Pediatric Dentistry Experience

Pediatric Dentistry With The Ease & Safety Of Laughing Gas

One of the fears ingrained into the minds of most children is that of visiting the dentist. It seems to be a common misconception that dentists just love to cause others horrific amounts of pain, but let our Edmond dentist be the first to say that she couldn’t feel more strongly about making pediatric dentistry patients feel as comfortable as possible. When the pain may be more than a child can handle or when the fear is just taking over, that’s when nitrous oxide, or laughing gas is offered.

For some young patients the nerves are at bay during initial examination and don’t really flare up until major dental work needs to be done. For others, however; they start to shake from the thought of being touched by the dentist. Thanks to laughing gas most patients can really feel the difference and start to relax when they get into the chair.

This method can be utilized to provide patients with an easier, less nerve-racking experience. Should this be something you desire for your little ones, our Edmond dentist will use a nose piece attached to a strap to allow the patient to breathe in the laughing gas before beginning any procedure. Of course, it’s not just for pediatric dentistry and can be quite handy for scared adults, too!

Here are a few facts about this laughing gas:

1.) If you were worried that it would take too long for you or your child to benefit from laughing gas please note that it only takes a few moments to “kick in” giving you that light, calm feeling.

2.) If you were worried that it won’t be safe for children or that it won’t exit the body in time for you to drive home, back to work, or back to school it’s also important to note that the nitrous oxide wears off within seconds of removal so it’s perfectly safe to drive, walk, and function normally right after your appointment ends.

Our Edmond dentist cares about the comfort level of every patient that walks in the door. We never want anyone to be afraid to visit the dentist. Call our office and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Ballinger to talk about any questions or concerns you may have.

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