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Fixed Bridges To Restore Your Smile

Dental Restorations With Fixed Bridges

The reality is that not everyone’s teeth are perfect as sometimes missing teeth cause gaps. Thus, dental restorations are available to help replace missing teeth and make people more confident about their smiles. Our Edmond dentist, also known for helping families, has a lot of experience with crafting fixed dental bridges.

Dental bridges are made out of a strong material (usually porcelain fused to metal) meant to last for several years. These bridges helps to fill space between missing teeth, prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position, and restore chewing and speaking ability. Restoring your smile starts with a visit to our Edmond dentist. It generally takes a few extra visits from there to complete the entire process.

When you come in the first time our Edmond dentist will prepare your teeth to allow for a crown. The next step involves taking a mold of your mouth, sending it to the lab and waiting for the customized bridge to be crafted for you. A temporary bridge will be made for you to wear for a few weeks leading up to your next appointment.

At the next appointment, the permanent bridge will be placed and our Edmond dentist will ensure that it fits properly before you leave. Sometimes, your teeth and tissue may need some time to get used to the new bridge so the permanent cement will be added later.

Imagine being able to make a difference in your smile and going into the new year feeling better about it. This is what our Edmond dentist loves to be able to do for people. We just want to make our patients feel better than when they first walked in the door!

If you have missing teeth that cause you problems chewing, make it hard for you to speak, or you are just self-conscious about your smile please don’t hesitate to give our Edmond dentist a call at 405-844-8445!