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Dentist in Edmond: Basic Hygiene Part III

Welcome to your Dentist in Edmond’s last Basic Oral Hygiene article!

Here we are at that last article in the series, your Dentist in Edmond hopes that you’ve enjoyed our trip down memory lane with our review of some basic oral hygiene. Let’s jump in.

Dentist in Edmond: You are what you eat.

We won’t be going into nutrition as much as we will be discussing how foods interact with plaque and the bacteria that eat away at your tooth enamel. Your Dentist in Edmond is sure that at this point it’s news to no one sugary foods help bad bacteria in your mouth grow. The sugar helps those bacteria multiply making it harder to get rid of them and harder on your teeth, even sugar from fruit can help them grow. If you’re looking for foods that won’t harm your teeth you can look for cheeses and dairy, which will rinse off easily, and non-acidic vegetables and meat.

Damage to teeth

Your Dentist in Edmond sees a fair amount of damaged teeth, most are the results of accidents, but a chip no matter how small can cause larger problems. Out teeth are protected by tooth enamel, beneath that is the dentin, a softer bone material that protects the roots. Once the enamel has been breached the dentin is fair game and will erode much faster. Getting chipped teeth repaired right away is the only way to avoid your teeth from falling prey to the aggressive bacteria in your mouth.

It’s still important to come see us

Even if you have excellent tooth health and you have excellent oral hygiene practices it’s still important to come in for a checkup. You Dentist in Edmond can perform oral cancer screening, x-rays that let a patient know their teeth are growing in properly and if there will be any complication.

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Dentist in Edmond: Basic Hygiene Part I

Dentist in Edmond: Back to basics

Sometimes in all the discussion about what procedures to choose or what products to use patients can lose sight of some of the simple facts about dental health. So, it’s back to basics for the next couple articles as your Dentist in Edmond talks about plaque and basic oral hygiene, let’s get started.

There is a biofilm that is stuck to your teeth right now called Plaque. Plaque is very thin and is the root of most tooth decay and several oral diseases. That’s the bad news about the plaque coating your teeth. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to get rid of, it’s probably nothing new to anyone who’s gone to a dentist but brush twice a day and flossing once a day keeps plaque at bay and your teeth healthy!

Plaque doesn’t sleep

When you sleep plaque is on the move, growing and multiplying, this is why we experience “morning breath.” Brushing in the morning and before bed can stop the progression of Plaque in your mouth. If you have dry mouth due to medication this is a prime condition for plaque to multiply. If you have chronic dry mouth chewing sugar-free gum and staying hydrated are the best way to combat dry mouth and the spread of plaque. If you experience dry mouth for long periods of time you should consult your dentist or doctor to find the root cause.

Hiding in plain sight

Plaque is sticky by nature and covers every surface of the tooth so unless your physically brush the plaque off it will stay on the tooth’s surface. This is why flossing is so important, brushing will clean most surfaces but won’t get deep down in between the teeth where plaque can hide. Unless that plaque is removed it will stay there forever eating away at the tooth enamel.

Dentist in Edmond will return in part II

We still have so much to cover which is why this article will be in two parts. Stay tuned next week as your Dentist in Edmond covers more basic oral hygiene.

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Reasons Your Child Might Have Bad Breath: Part 2

Pediatric Dentistry: Does Your Child’s Breath Stink?

Does your child have bad breath? Are you uncertain what could be causing it? If your child brushes their teeth often and their breath still smells bad, there could be some other underlying issue. In part one of this series, our Edmond dentist mentioned 3 possible causes for an odorous smell in your child’s mouth. Perhaps, none of those 3 reasons fit the bill for your lifestyle. Today, we’re going to go over 3 more possibilities.

Here are 3 more possible causes of that funky breath:

1.) Your Child’s Diet: Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? In this case, your child’s bad breath could be caused by what they are or are not consuming. For example, if your child is consuming only a low carb diet, then the fat stored in the body is being burned which can in turn cause stinky ketones.

2.) Mouth Breathing: According to professionals, nose breathing is the most optimal way to breathe. This is true for more than one reason, but today we’re focusing on the bad breath aspect. If you’re child is constantly breathing in and out of their mouth then their saliva will dry out, allowing bacteria to linger rather than being washed away.

3.) Ongoing Illness: Respiratory infections aren’t the only illnesses that can cause bad breath. Surprisingly enough, Kidney and Liver diseases can yield a smell similar to fish. Additionally, acid reflux has been known to produce odorous breath. Does your child have any problems with any of these?

It may be possible that you don’t know if your child currently had ongoing bad breath. If you’re uncertain, try sniffing your child’s breath a little while after they’ve brushed their teeth to recognize whether an odor is lingering. A more low key option would be to sniff used dental floss. If it smells or if there is blood on the floss, then your child just might have a bad breath issue.

If you need help determining the cause of your child’s bad breath, our Edmond dentist would be happy to help as our team just loves pediatric dentistry! To get in touch or schedule an appointment call our Edmond dentist at 405-844-8445 or click here.

Bad Breath- Edmond dentist

Reasons Your Child Might Have Bad Breath: Part 1

Pediatric Dentistry: Does Your Child’s Breath Stink?

Does it seem as if you’re always telling your child to brush their teeth due to their breath being stinky? When bad breath plaques your little one it is easy to think it’s all caused by dental issues, but the truth is there are many things that could be causing your child’s case of Halitosis, or bad breath. Perhaps, it’s time to examine a few things going on in your child’s life to see if one of them could be causing their ongoing mouth odor. Today, our Edmond dentist will explain 3 possible causes of stinky breath.

3 possible causes of that funky breath:

1.) Lack Of Flossing: Ok, so we said not all issues were dental issues, but it is worth mentioning that having your child brush their teeth isn’t always enough. They may have some stringy bits stuck between those teeth so it’s important to remember to teach your child how to floss!

2.) Certain Medications: Many parents are unaware that the medications they give to their children can actually contributed to their bad breath. The reason for this is due to the fact that some medications have the ability to cause dry mouth.

3.) Respiratory Infections: Sinus infections, sore throats, bronchitis, or other upper respiratory infections can cause mucus backup. Then, the mucus coming from the lungs, bronchial tubes, or tonsils can feed the bacteria in one’s mouth which leads to bad breath.

These are just a few of the causes of bad breath. Sometimes, it may be possible for your child to have an issue and not even know it! It would be pretty embarrassing for them to continue walking around with smelly breath and not know it! If you’d like to learn about some other possible causes for your child’s bad breath, come back to read part two of this series where our Edmond dentist will reveal a bit more.

If you need help determining the cause of your child’s bad breath, our Edmond dentist would be happy to help as our team just loves pediatric dentistry! To get in touch or schedule an appointment call our Edmond dentist at 405-844-8445 or click here.