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Pediatric Dentistry Ideas To Make Dental Visits Enjoyable: Part 1

Pediatric Dentistry: Helping Children Have Fun

Our Edmond dentist has a love for pediatric dentistry. More specifically, Dr. Ballinger loves making children and parents realize that coming to the dentist doesn’t have to be so bad! In fact, at Ballinger Family Dentistry, we strive to make you forget about the work being done and try to help you relax as much as possible, but there are a few things parents can do to help calm their children prior to coming to the office.

In part one of this series, our Edmond dentist is going to list 2 ideas to help you make pediatric dentistry visits more enjoyable.

1.) Choose The Right Dentist: First of all, choosing to visit a dentist that actually cares for making small children feel welcome at their office does make a difference in the experience. Our Edmond dentist, for example, not only welcomes children, but appreciates them.

We’re family oriented and love to take care of adults, too. So, if you or your child is afraid of the dentist, let us take care of you!

2.) Create A “Dental Health Chart”: Making a “good dental health” sticker chart is a good way to positively reinforce your child’s efforts to maintain good oral hygiene. Perhaps, putting a stick to show how well they’ve brushed their teeth or maintained flossing will help prevent those cavities that they’re so afraid of the dentist finding.

Pinterest is a great place to start looking for ideas if you’re not crafty or creative without a jump start!

There’s something terrifying for people about the “unknown”. As patients aren’t able to really see what’s happening in their mouth while at the dentist, it’s possible that this is part of where the fear stems from. Sometimes, children have bad experiences and that turns into grown-ups that hate going to the dentist.

We’d love the opportunity to make you and your children feel more comfortable about visiting our family-friendly Edmond dentist. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call (405) 844-8445.


Edmond Dentist Saving Teeth From Holiday Treats

Edmond Dentist: An Approach To Holiday Sweets

We know this time of year the holiday favorites are going to everywhere you look. It may be hard to say no to those sweet, tasty treats and we’re not here to preach and tell you not to enjoy them. What our Edmond dentist will do; however, is provide you with some tips for saving your teeth from becoming the victims of those holiday treats.

When you eat sugary goodies it can lead to plaque sitting on your teeth and then the more sugar you eat, the more the plaque grows. The leading culprit in this battle is sugar! So, it makes sense that you should try to cut back on the amount of sugar you intake, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite holiday treats all together.

Here’s the easiest way to approach holiday sweets differently: Use half the amount of white, cane sugar to your recipes when baking. Instead, consider enhancing the sweetness of your baked goods in other ways with all natural sweeteners like vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

Of course, our Edmond dentist would also recommend that you brush your teeth as often as possible after consuming sugary foods. Doing so is the best way to prevent the sugar from settling down on your teeth. If you’re going to be out and about, consider taking along a travel toothbrush to maintain good dental health.

On behalf of Ballinger Family Dentistry, our Edmond dentist wishes you a wonderful holiday season. May you all be able to eat your favorite foods and be merry! We hope that by following these simple tips you can have your cake and eat it, too, without the worry of creating cavities!

If you need to book an appointment with our Edmond dentist, please feel free to give us a call at (405) 844-8445.

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Pediatric Dentistry And Repairing A Dislodged Tooth

Pediatric Dentistry Help With Dental Emergencies

You can attempt to prevent wrestling or normal kid behavior all you want, but there may be times when accidents occur regardless. Traumatic dental injuries often occur in accidents or sports-related injuries, but sometimes something like a dislodged tooth can happen from roughhousing. Children are often known for being rambunctious and this activity can be the cause for less frequent, but more severe injuries such as a dislodged tooth which may simply be loosened. When it comes to treating this dental emergency our Edmond dentist is prepared to provide some much needed pediatric dentistry!

In the event that something like this should happen to your child, a visit to our family-friendly Edmond dentist should be an immediate plan. Call and make an appointment and we’ll try to get you in as soon as possible. Prior to arriving to our office, we recommend using a cold compress and over-the-counter medications to relieve pain. Do not attempt to pull the tooth out on your own as doing so could cause further complications!

Once you arrive at our dental office, get checked in, and get called back, our Edmond dentist will take a closer look to see if the dislodged tooth is still attached to the blood vessels and nerves. When a dislodged or loosened tooth remains attached it makes it less likely for root canal therapy to be utilized. Instead, our Edmond dentist may be able to reposition the tooth and add splints to stabilize it.

It is important to note that in the event that a dislodged tooth does not heal properly, a root canal might be required. Of course, we’ll properly prepare you and your child for this procedure before jumping right in.

If you have questions, a dental emergency, or want to know about any pediatric dentistry procedures, please contact our Edmond dentist at (405) 844-8445.

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This Edmond Dentist Is Thankful To Treat Children And Families

Edmond Dentist Loves Providing Pediatric & Family Dentistry

When you think about what you’re thankful in the next week or so things that come to mind may include family, friends, and food! Our Edmond dentist loves all of these things, too, but today our team’s focus of gratitude goes to pediatric and family dentistry. It’s the perfect time of year to reflect on what we all have to be grateful for in our lives. While our Edmond dentist is thankful all year long for the opportunity to provide good dentistry to children and families, we’ve decided to take this week to talk a bit about why there’s so much joy in this line of work.

Some people may not think that digging around inside of others people’s mouths would be such a fun job to have, but truthfully the most satisfying thing about treating children and families is making them leave their fear of the dentist behind! From the moment patients walk into the door at our dental office we love to make a difference.

Our Edmond dentist loves being able to talk to the patients, get to know what makes them feel calmer, and work towards providing the best experience possible. Giving patients a positive outlook on coming to the dentist is the best way our Edmond dentist can think of to make an impact for a lifetime.

Second to making people feel comfortable coming, our dentist loves being able to make patients happy with their own smiles. Our goal is to have patients leave the office feeling better about their smile than before they walked in! This is especially true of children as there are many dentists in Edmond that don’t even treat children. We feel lucky to be able to say that we’re one of the few dental offices that really do love pediatric dentistry.

We hope that your smiles are important to you and that if you’ve had the chance to be our patient that you’re thankful for the work we’ve been able to complete for you.

Our Edmond dentist hopes you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Should you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment after the holiday, feel free to call our office at 405-844-8445 or click here.

Heritage Elementary STEM And Teacher Appreciation Assemblies

Recognizing Greatness Through STEM

Ballinger Family Dentistry loves helping out in the community, especially with educational programs. Thus, when the opportunity came along to recognize two wonderful teachers and give the students at a local school a bit of educational fun Dr. Laura Ballinger simply couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning giving back.

Dr. Laura connected with Mad Science to organize two back-to-back fun-filled STEM assemblies (one at 9am and one at 10am) for two separate groups of students at Heritage Elementary School in Edmond, OK where her children attend. The STEM assemblies were both conducted by Derick Brock deemed “Professor Mad” on November 18th, 2016. Due to an unfortunate event, Dr. Laura had to send her daughter to represent her, but the show went on!

The theme of the STEM assemblies focused on “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” principles, but with thrilling science experiments and verbiage that the children could easily grasp. The underlying message of these assemblies was “Up, Up, and Away” as each experiment sought to teach children to dream so big that they could metaphorically go up, up, and away.

As intended by the Mad Science company, the students were also encouraged to find science interesting, see it as adventurous, and even be intrigued enough to want to pursue STEM related careers when they grow up.

Professor Mad made each show very special by continuing to call upon random volunteer students from each grade level to the stage to help with various experiments. The twist came at the end of each show when an unsuspecting teacher was called upon the stage to help with the final experiment.

In the first assembly, Mendy Shepard (4th grade teacher) was called to help. She had no idea that in the end she would be awarded with a $50 gift card to Amazon and a Certificate Of Appreciation for all of her hard work which was presented by Dr. Laura’s daughter on behalf of Ballinger Family Dentistry. In the second assembly, the same course of action took place also shocking the next recognized teacher, Linda Skinner (Gifted & Talented teacher) as she was also presented with her $50 gift card to Amazon and a Certificate Of Appreciation.

To give everyone the opportunity to practice their very own science experiments, as a final parting gift, Lauren Ballinger gave the school a big book of science experiments to keep in the school library!

In the end, Dr. Laura was thrilled to hear that the children had so much fun and that she was also able to help in the planning of giving back to two very deserving teachers.

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Edmond Dentist: The Possible Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

Edmond Dentist: When Wisdom Teeth Become Problematic

Third molars, also known as “wisdom teeth” are usually the last teeth that appear. The science varies on when these teeth usually grow for most people. As our Edmond dentist will tell you, the truth is it’s just a matter of when it happens for you. Some people get their wisdom teeth at a young age, while some others get them in adulthood. If you don’t grow any, then you have nothing to worry about as this is just something that doesn’t happen for every person. The problem for those that do have them comes along when pain due to crowding or impacted wisdom teeth occurs.

Do you have crowding?

It can be damaging when wisdom teeth start growing in if there isn’t enough room for them to align properly. Even if they happen to grow in the upright position it’s possible for them to push the existing teeth forward. This can force some teeth to overlap or appear crooked. In these types of cases our Edmond dentist would recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth to prevent further damage.

Are they impacted?

Impacted wisdom teeth are named as such, because they are blocked from growing in properly. Often, these teeth remain below the surface of the gums and lie horizontally rather than in the upright position. This is most likely due to not having enough room to grow. Allowing an impacted wisdom tooth to remain as is promotes plaque and bacteria to build up which can lead to the development of cavities. Additionally, infections can occur making it a much more painful experience. Of course, our Edmond dentist would recommend removal of impacted wisdom teeth for the safety of our patient!

When your wisdom teeth become problematic don’t hesitate to give our Edmond dentist a call. We look forward to providing the best dental care possible and getting your back to a state of comfort rather than pain.

To book an appointment with our Edmond dentist, please give us a call at 405-844-8445 or click here.

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Edmond Dentist: How We Restore Chipped Teeth

Edmond Dentist: Providing Long Lasting, Beautiful Smiles

There are many habits or accidents that can cause a person to crack or chip their teeth. If you’ve been walking around with a chipped tooth for a while you may have asked yourself whether getting it fixed was really worth it. As an Edmond dentist, Dr. Ballinger see a lot of different scenarios when it comes to the subject of teeth and our team encourages you to think beyond just the aesthetics of a chipped tooth.

You may be just fine with the way you look no matter what happens to your teeth and you’d expect that your closest friends and family wouldn’t look at you any differently if you had a chipped tooth. What you may want to be cautious about, however; is the underlying damage that having a chipped tooth may cause over time. Having one chip has the potential to lead to further structural damage or more cracks later on. Additionally, if the chip is too close to the pulp containing the nerve in your gums it can lead to trauma and an inability to heal which will result in the need for a root canal.

What can our Edmond dentist do to restore chipped teeth?

Luckily, affected portions of the tooth in question can usually be easily repaired with composite fillings. These tooth colored fillings are closely matched to your natural coloration allowing our Edmond dentist the ability to provide you with a long lasting, beautiful smile for many years to come.

Composite fillings usually only take one visit to our Edmond dentist to be completed. Imagine walking in with a chip that you’ve been trying to hide and walking out with a smile you’re not afraid to show off.

If you have any chips in your teeth our Edmond dentist would be happy to take care of you. We’ll be here for you. To book an appointment with our Edmond dentist, call 405-844-8445 or click here.

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Edmond Dentist Discusses Dental Health For Expectant Mothers

Edmond Dentist Talks About Pregnancy & Oral Health

After the shock or excitement of learning that you’re expecting a lot of questions may come to mind. Pregnancy can be a fun time of learning new information about the overall health suggestions. Dental health concerns may come natural for an expecting mother not just for themselves, but also for their unborn child. Today, our Edmond dentist is going to review something you may find helpful if you’ve recently learned that you’re going to be welcoming a bundle of joy into the world!

Expecting Mothers May Have Inflammation Of The Gums

As you may already know, a pregnant woman’s hormones change quite a bit. These changes can sometimes cause inflammation of the gums, or Gingivitis. Our Edmond dentist encourages you to be mindful of this common occurrence which is said to happen most often between the second and eighth month of pregnancy. If you notice red, puffy or tender gums that tend to bleed when you brush these are the possible signs of Gingivitis. With that being said, it’s very important to maintain good oral hygiene during pregnancy.

Brushing With Fluoride Toothpaste

To help prevent tooth decay and gum (periodontal) diseases it is still recommended by the ADA (and our Edmond dentist) to brush with a fluoride toothpaste. Simply look for the ADA seal on the toothpaste you purchase to make sure it’s the best for removing plaque.

Using Floss And Mouthwash

Flossing is an important step that many people forget about. Gently slide the floss between your teeth. Don’t shove it down! Rinsing may be an option you supplement with, too. As with toothpaste, look for the ADA seal on your mouthwash. It’s recommended to opt for using an anti-gingivitis mouthwash to rinse with.

Our Edmond dentist has a lot of experience, so if you have any questions about your oral health in relation to your pregnancy, please ask.

We’d love to help you maintain your dental health! If you’d like to book an appointment with our Edmond dentist please call us at 405-844-8445 or click here.

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Laughing Gas For A Relaxing Pediatric Dentistry Experience

Pediatric Dentistry With The Ease & Safety Of Laughing Gas

One of the fears ingrained into the minds of most children is that of visiting the dentist. It seems to be a common misconception that dentists just love to cause others horrific amounts of pain, but let our Edmond dentist be the first to say that she couldn’t feel more strongly about making pediatric dentistry patients feel as comfortable as possible. When the pain may be more than a child can handle or when the fear is just taking over, that’s when nitrous oxide, or laughing gas is offered.

For some young patients the nerves are at bay during initial examination and don’t really flare up until major dental work needs to be done. For others, however; they start to shake from the thought of being touched by the dentist. Thanks to laughing gas most patients can really feel the difference and start to relax when they get into the chair.

This method can be utilized to provide patients with an easier, less nerve-racking experience. Should this be something you desire for your little ones, our Edmond dentist will use a nose piece attached to a strap to allow the patient to breathe in the laughing gas before beginning any procedure. Of course, it’s not just for pediatric dentistry and can be quite handy for scared adults, too!

Here are a few facts about this laughing gas:

1.) If you were worried that it would take too long for you or your child to benefit from laughing gas please note that it only takes a few moments to “kick in” giving you that light, calm feeling.

2.) If you were worried that it won’t be safe for children or that it won’t exit the body in time for you to drive home, back to work, or back to school it’s also important to note that the nitrous oxide wears off within seconds of removal so it’s perfectly safe to drive, walk, and function normally right after your appointment ends.

Our Edmond dentist cares about the comfort level of every patient that walks in the door. We never want anyone to be afraid to visit the dentist. Call our office and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Ballinger to talk about any questions or concerns you may have.

To contact our Edmond dentist, please call us @ (405) 844-8445.

Teeth Whitening- Edmond dentist

Edmond Dentist: Offering Teeth Whitening!

Edmond Dentist: Provides Zoom!® In-Office Whitening

Do you want whiter teeth? Of course, who doesn’t want white teeth? Our Edmond dentist knows most people do, but they often avoid visiting the dentist, because they think over-the-counter products would work. Here’s the low down on that situation.

You could easily spend anywhere from $12 up to $60 on over-the-counter products with your choice of a wide selection from whitening strips, trays, or paint on gels. Then, you’re left asking yourself the same question everyone asks: “do any of them come close to getting you that bright smile that a dentist could give you”?

The truth is that for most people, these products don’t work the first time, the second time, or even the third. Due to over-the-counter teeth whitening products containing much lower concentrations of whitening agents than our professional tooth-whitening system you would, potentially, have to repeatedly utilize over-the-counter products for several times a day and for several weeks.

In some cases, it has been reported that most people don’t see significant improvements in color change until after 45 days of using the store bought teeth whitening kits. By the time you buy all the product you need to cover that time span, you could have just had professional treatment done safely and quickly!

Don’t wait so long! There is a better deal for you! Our Edmond dentist is offering Zoom!® whitening in-office.

For an affordable price, you can receive the Zoom!® whitening treatment to lighten discoloration of enamel and dentin. This will take care of those stains caused by drinking coffee, tea, wine, or from smoking. The Zoom!® in-office tooth whitening procedure allows the dentist to use a special lamp which accelerates the bleaching process, activating the hydrogen peroxide, and leaving you with a whiter smile.

Before deciding if this procedure is right for you, our Edmond dentist may wish to have a consultation with you. To find out more about our dentist, the teeth whitening procedure or any other dentistry work don’t hesitate to contact us. Come visit us in Edmond or call us @ (405) 844-8445!