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Developing a Great Home Dental Care Routine

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy at Home With a Proper Dental Care Routine

Regular visits to the dentist should be a part of everyone’s dental care routine, but it’s also crucial to have a solid routine for dental care at home. Though it isn’t difficult, it is more than just brushing. A healthy dental routine consists of tasks performed daily or periodically in the home. Here are a few great steps to take for a better home dental routine.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brushing first thing when you wake up and again before bed is integral to oral health. Additionally, it is best practice to brush after meals when possible. Everyone should brush for about two minutes, either in a circular motion with a manual toothbrush, or with an electric toothbrush. A special note for parents with children – let them brush on their own to instill good habits, but follow up by helping them to be sure their teeth are actually getting clean.


It’s best to floss every day, at least once a day, but not so often that gums become irritated. Many people don’t like flossing, however there are great alternatives If you don’t like to floss, consider a water-flossing device, which shoots powerful streams between the teeth. It’s a great idea to carry portable flossers on the go for flossing after meals. Flossing drastically reduces the risk of gingivitis and gum sensitivity, and is even linked to preventing oral cancer.


Using an approved mouthwash with fluoride (for kids) and antibacterial properties freshens breath. Additionally, fluoride strengthens teeth and antibacterial ingredients like alcohol kill germs in the mouth.

What You Eat

It’s important to avoid certain foods for optimal oral health. Some of the worst offenders include coffee, soda, candy, highly acidic foods, and non-dentist approved chewing gum

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