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Dentist in Edmond: Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentist in Edmond: Why you should get missing teeth replaced

Your Dentist in Edmond sees patient all the time who have lost teeth over the course of their lives. The most common complaint from patients with missing teeth has to do with their concern about the appearance of missing teeth and the self-esteem loss as a result. If you’ve lost a tooth you might want to consider having a dental implant put in, something your Dentist in Edmond can recommend. Having a dental implant put in to replace a missing tooth can help prevent bone loss in the jaw as well as restore a patient’s smile in a way that looks natural and doesn’t have the drawbacks of a dental bridge or dentures.
There are many reasons why a person might have lost a tooth, here are some of the more common:
  • Getting a tooth knocked out due to injury or trauma to the mouth is one of the most common ways a person might lose a tooth.
  • Tooth decay or cavities that have progressed too far to be fixed is also another common way people lose teeth.
  • There are certain hereditary conditions that can cause tooth loss.
  • A failed root canal or a root canal poorly performed can cause a tooth to be lost.
  • Chemotherapy is also a cause of tooth loss.

Why should I get missing teeth replaced?

General health and well being is probably the most common reason you should have your teeth replaced if they’ve been lost. Once a tooth or teeth are lost it can make eating certain foods difficult, avoiding foods can impact your general health. It’s also important to understand that if there is not tooth attaching to the jaw bone the jaw bone will begin to weaken in that spot and can lead to pain in surrounding teeth.