Dentist in Edmond Partial Dentures

Dentist in Edmond: Removable partial dentures

Dentist in Edmond: What to Expect with Removable Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures usually consist of replacement teeth that will be attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases. This insert will be designed specifically to fit your mouth to prevent chafing or other complications. A partial denture will often have a metal framework and clasps that connect to the neighboring teeth, though this will not always be the case. There is also a range of different connectors that can appear more natural. The partial denture is connected to the natural teeth with devices called Precision Attachments, these attachments are more aesthetic than clasp, however. In some cases, crowns will need to be placed in order to make everything fit correctly.

Dentist in Edmond: What should you expect from partial dentures?

Your Dentist in Edmond has some tips on what to expect if you receive partial dentures.

  1. You Dentist in Edmond will make sure your partial dentures are a good fit for your mouth, with that said they may feel awkward or bulky at first, this is normal.
  2. Inserting and removing the partial dentures will take practice, be patient with yourself in learning this new processes.
  3. Follow the instructions your dentist gives you, this is your best chance for success. Your Dentist in Edmond recommends that they should fit into place with ease, don’t force them.

Tips on how to care for your dentures:

  1. You will need a cleaner specifically for your dentures, your dentist will be able to recommend one.
  2. When you’re cleaning a partial denture it’s important to make sure your sink drain is plugged or that you’re cleaning it over a paper towel, just in case you drop it.
  3. Just because you use toothpaste on your teeth doesn’t mean it’s meant for your dentures. Make sure to use the specialty cleaner recommended by your dentist.