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Dentist in Edmond: Use your benefits in January!

Dentist in Edmond on why you should use your dental benefits in January

Now that the new year is here and all the holiday parties are over many people are looking forward to the new year and the changes they want to make. However, not many people are thinking about using their dental benefits. If your insurance is in the majority then your dental benefits will have been reset on January 1st of this year. That means if you started a procedure and you need to finish it January is the month to do it. January is typically slow for dentists as many people rushed to get their procedures in during the last two months of the previous year. Book an appointment in January is likely to be more flexible in terms of appointment dates.

Dentist in Edmond explains how Dental Benefits reset

Most dental insurance plans run during the calendar year, meaning January to December. During that time whenever your dentist submits your procedures as an insurance claim, any applicable deductible is applied to your coinsurance claim. It’s rare that a single procedure will use all of your deductible. However, in order to know for sure make sure you look over your insurance paperwork or call your insurance company to see how much you have left. In many cases, insurance companies will have the information accessible online.

Using benefits in January

Many people use this benefits reset to their advantage by starting a procedure in December, using up their benefits, and then completing the procedure in January when those benefits reset. Even if your not one of these people getting in to see your Edmond Dentist in January or February can still save you time. And if you start the year out by planing to use all your benefits by the end of the year you won’t be facing a time crunch to get all your work done.