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Dentist In Edmond Shares How Oral Piercings Causes Risks

Dentist In Edmond Shows Piercings Impact Health

Have you been waiting until you turned 18 just so you could go and get the “really cool” oral piercing that you’ve always wanted? While in the short term it may sound like something you really want to do, think about what getting your tongue, lip, or cheek could really mean for your overall dental health. Today, our dentist in Edmond lists a few common problems dental patients may experience as a result of their decision to get piercings.

1.) Teeth Become Chipped: When you’ve gone your whole life without having something extra near your mouth, it’s understandable that you’d want to mess with the jewelry a lot in the beginning stages of having a new piercing, possibly causing chipped teeth. That being said, even if you are careful the jewelry could accidentally hit against your teeth while you’re sleeping, eating, or talking. If you care about your teeth that means you may need restorative dental work to be done, from simple fillings and crowns all the way to possible root canals, as a result.

2.) Nerves Become Damaged: Sometimes piercings can lead to temporary or permanent nerve damage in the mouth which can negatively impact one’s ability to feel, taste, or even move their tongue properly. Imagine trying to visit our dentist in Edmond and being unable to control your tongue during dental care procedures.

3.) Problems Develop In Gums: Having an extra hole anywhere near your mouth means more space that needs to be cleaned. Improperly cleaning the area could lead to bacteria growth in the mouth which can lead to infections and gum diseases. Likewise, gums could be damaged by jewelry rubbing against the area and exposing roots.

4.) Infection In The Body: Your tongue is a one-way ticket to the rest of your body. As our dentist in Edmond mentioned already, oral piercings of any kind can lead to bacteria forming in the mouth. If this bacteria enters the bloodstream in can cause problems such as the development of hepatitis. Plaque getting stuck in piercing holes (especially the tongue) can cause heart problems, too.   

This information is not meant to scare you out of your choice, but instead to help you understand the risks involved with your overall health. Our dentist in Edmond hopes that this information will inform readers of ways that dental health can also be impacted as a result of oral piercing. If you are thinking about getting any sort of oral piercings, take extra precaution to always keep your mouth as clean as possible and certainly maintain routine dental check-ups.

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