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Dentist In Edmond Discusses Diabetic Patient Dental Health

Dentist In Edmond: About Dental Health For The Diabetic

Many diabetic patients learn about many ways that the disease can impact other areas of their body such as their heart, eyes, nervous system, kidneys, and other organ systems in the body. What many fail to realize is that having diabetes can also lead to dental health concerns, as well. Today, our dentist in Edmond is here to share more about what diabetic patients should be on the lookout for when it comes to their dental health.

As a dentist, we always tell our patients to take care of their mouths, but this is even more important for those with diabetes. This isn’t to be harsh or cruel, but instead as a precaution as dental patients with diabetes are at a higher risk for periodontal or, gum disease and some mouth infections.

What does periodontal disease do?

Once the gum line and bones that hold teeth in the jaw area are damaged, the sore or infected tissue can lead to pain while chewing or talking. Periodontal disease can also make it difficult for a patient to control their blood glucose or blood sugar.

Our dentist in Edmond will also warn that series periodontal disease can even lead to some patients losing some or all of their teeth. Another common symptom for diabetic patients is dry mouth. The problem with dry mouth is that it can cause soreness, tooth decay, and ulcers.

As an important side note, our dentist in Edmond would like to warn that people who smoke will have a harder time keeping gum disease in check as smoking only makes the problem worse.

What can you do?

Our dentist in Edmond agrees with standard medical care procedures which state that diabetic patients should start trying to control their blood glucose, or blood sugar, as this is the biggest factor in preventing mouth problems.

Of course, most diabetics are already doing this, so we say keep it up, because neglecting to do so will often cause gum disease to develop at a higher frequency than patients who control their diabetes. The best defense is often a good offense and in the case of gum disease it’s true. Brushing at least twice daily can help keep gum disease from happening in patients with diabetes.

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