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Dentist In Edmond Discusses Whether Xylitol Really Prevents Tooth Decay

Dentist In Edmond Shares ADA’s Findings On Xylitol For Dental Health

Over the years several artificial sweeteners have hit the market in claims of being better for health and teeth as they weren’t regular sugar, but studies found many reasons to debunk those claims. Then, xylitol came along. It is made out of naturally occurring alcohol found in plant material, including many fruits and vegetables. Many claims were made, in the beginning, that this “miracle extract” could actually even prevent the growth of decay-producing bacteria. Today, our dentist in Edmond reveals the American Dental Association’s (ADA) findings on xylitol.

The first article of reference our dentist in Edmond reviewed (also published as case study by the ADA) when considering xylitol’s capability to reduce tooth decay was found on Cochrane Library. Research was conducted by the Cochrane Oral Health Group which included gathering data from 10 studies that investigated a total of 5,903 participants. The overall findings showed “low quality evidence to suggest that fluoride toothpaste containing xylitol may be more effective than fluoride-only toothpaste for preventing caries in the permanent teeth of children, and that there are no associated adverse-effects from such toothpastes.”

Furthermore, it was stated that “the effect estimate should be interpreted with caution due to high risk of bias and the fact that it results from two studies that were carried out by the same authors in the same population” and that the evidence “is insufficient to determine whether any other xylitol-containing products can prevent caries in infants, older children, or adults.”

Other research reviewed by our dentist in Edmond came from the United Kingdom. This group from University of Manchester also came to the conclusion that evidence of xylitol in toothpaste helping teeth was very low. Moreover, other products with xylitol in them such as syrups, lozenges, and tablets showed little to no evidence of having any benefit in preventing tooth decay.

Finally, our dentist in Edmond regarded what a panel of experts assembled by the ADA had to say on the matter. This panel looked at the evidence found in each study and came to the determination “that the evidence from the two trials was insufficient to support any statement regarding the caries preventive effects of xylitol in dentifrices.”

It is for this reason that our dentist in Edmond cannot fully back the safety of xylitol for teeth. As always, the best thing you could do for maintain a healthy smile is routine dental care which includes a regular regime at-home as well as proper dental visits!

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