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Dentist In Edmond Warns Against Summer Heat

Dentist In Edmond Reviewing Dry Mouth Symptoms

It didn’t take long before the summer heat really cranked up in Oklahoma, right? The summer heat can lead to many health related concerns such heat stroke, sunburn, but also some serious life threatening problems like dehydration. Our dentist in Edmond knows patients often miss warning signs that could easily be detected if they were paying closer attention to their mouth.

Heat stroke is a bad enough problem, but then comes the risk of dry mouth cased by the heat stroke. Dry mouth can also be called Xerostomia, or a fancy way to say that your mouth isn’t getting enough saliva. Dry mouth isn’t a disease, but instead it’s usually a symptom of a medical disorder or can be caused as a side effect from some medications.

Why Is Dry Mouth A Problem?

Your mouth’s primary defense against cavities, or tooth decay, is saliva. The saliva helps to maintain your mouth’s hard and soft tissue, it also washes away food and other things that would hang out in your mouth. You also have bacteria in your mouth which will produce acid and your saliva combats the effects of this acid on your teeth. If that weren’t enough, your saliva provides first line defense against microbial invasions and overgrowth that would otherwise lead to disease.

Dry mouth can lead to issues within your mouth and throat these include a sore throat that doesn’t go away, burning sensations, trouble speaking, a dry sound voice, and having difficulty swallowing. There are times when dry mouth can lead to Sjögren’s syndrome, pronounced show-grins. Sjögren’s syndrome happens when the patient’s immune system will attack the moisture-producing glands of the body (notably salivary glands and tear producing glands); however, Sjögren’s isn’t just limited to those organs.

Our dentist in Edmond can help by recommending different ways to help you generate saliva so be sure to ask next time you come in for a check-up. To make an appointment with our dentist in Edmond, please click here.