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Dentist In Edmond Shares A Story About A Broken Tooth

Dentist In Edmond Tells About Beef Jerky Breaking A Tooth

With many families ready to head off to the lake in less than a week’s time, many snack items will undoubtedly be packed for consumption. Among the fan favorites for easy packing and snacking purposes can often be the salty treat; beef jerky. This is what sparked the recollection of one patient’s story (we’ll call him “Joe” for privacy sake) about how chewing the hardened meat actually lead to a broken tooth! Dr. Ballinger, your dentist in Edmond gives you a glimpse into this incident here.

“Joe” started his adventurous day like any other laid-back weekend. He grabbed a hearty piece of beef jerky and pulled on it with his front teeth to tear it. At first, just a small crack appeared in the front tooth. A bit of time passed and the next time he went to munch on his favorite treat again, about 3/4 of the front tooth broke all the way off, almost to the gum-line. Of course, Joe was in total panic mode at this point not knowing what to do!

In this scenario, the crack was obviously a warning sign of decay and the tooth was weakening overtime. Cracks like these can spread much like a crack in a glass windshield. Dr. Ballinger, your dentist in Edmond has seen damage like this go deep into the root and into the nerve if nothing is done to correct the problem.

Luckily, in these situations, Dr. Ballinger, your dentist in Edmond is well-versed in dealing with dental emergencies! In fact, Dr. Ballinger, your dentist in Edmond is able to see most patients for emergency situations on the same day that they call.

You may not have ever though it possible that beef jerky could be tough enough to cause such a large amount of dental damage, but that’s exactly why ongoing dental care is so important! To maintain your dental health consider routine checkups and teeth cleanings.

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