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Edmond Dentist Shares Reasons To Maintain Oral Health: Part 2

Edmond Dentist: Listing Health Concerns From Poor Dental Hygiene

In part one of this blog series, Ballinger Family Dental, your Edmond dentist talked about how lung conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Chronic Systemic Inflammation can all be caused or worsened by poor dental hygiene. Ballinger Family Dentistry, your Edmond dentist felt those were pretty good reasons to take time out of your day to brush, floss, and keep up with regular dental visitations. As if those weren’t enough, we wanted to share a few more health related problems which can be tied back to lack of decent oral health.

Here are 3 more health problems that can be caused or worsened by NOT taking care of your teeth and gums. Ballinger Family Dentistry, your Edmond dentist wanted to share them with you!

1.) Stroke: Many scientific researchers have studied the correlation between oral bacteria and health problems. Some have come to believe that oral bacteria may be play a role in arteries narrowing and blood clots forming as the body negatively responds to the bacteria in the bloodstream. These are two of the top reasons stokes occur.

2.) Obesity: There have been two studies in which researchers have found that a link between gum disease and obesity. The results appear to have shown increased progression of periodontitis from those with higher body fat.

3.) Heart Disease: As with other research conducted at Harvard Medical School, research has explored several mechanisms that may connect bacteria in the bloodstream to oral health problems. It is stated that bacteria can travel to the heart and lead to a heart attack and possibly other cardiovascular problems.

Ballinger Family Dental, your Edmond dentist would love to help you make sure that your mouth is as healthy as it can be!

If these reasons are enough for you to consider taking care of your oral health and you’d like to make an appointment for a dental check-up, please feel free to contact Ballinger Family Dentistry, your Edmond dentist by calling us at 405-844-8445.